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  • associated characters: Tickle the Doodat, to promote tolerance; Russell the Muscley Kangaroo, (health and fitness); Penelope Perfect (creativity); and Captain
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  • after a friend sent him an application asking for "the orangest, most muscley, spiky-haired people", which Guadagnino filled out "as a joke". Describing
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  • taboo nature of homosexuality in Japan.[citation needed] The gachi muchi ("muscley-chubby") subgenre of boys' love, also termed bara among English-speaking
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  • Sub-TV, which has a video of the opening, "the gong-smasher here is a non-muscley man in an old-fashioned swimming costume and a cloth cap!" The man whacks
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  • becomes a Super Lemur with a little assistance from Muscles and his sister Muscley, two black bear cubs. After Zoboo rescues some kittens with the help from
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  • primeval hunter/gatherer type [with] arm-cripplingly ripped biceps, necks too muscley to turn, emotion dials stuck on 'aggressive grimace' and a 50% lack of
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  • way." The theme is an adagio that is "not your typical bombast, look how muscley this guy is; it’s more of a mystery." To represent the character's youth
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